Wednesday, November 02, 2005 has a tutorial now for the D60. This is almost the same as the D30 except the D30 is easier... Their tutorial obviously had some care put into it, while mine was spewed out in several minutes. Between these two tutorials you shoudl be able to do it too.

If you order a hotmirror from them I would think it would work but I am not sure if the D60 is that much different than the D30. My method was to take two 1mm glass microscope slides, cut them to the smae dimentions as my removed D30 hotmirror and then glue them together with glass glue from a craft store. I spent $14 on slides and $3 on glue, and $5 on a glass cutter (which I allready had).

My best result was completely covering the glass with glue, droping the oter piece on top, then when dry after 30 seconds, and no bubbles were visible, I cleaned the glue off the frnt and back with my fingernail and a microfiber cloth.

Hey it worked pretty well, why spend the big bucks on glass.


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