Wednesday, November 02, 2005

step 6

Fig 20 shows that I used a microscope slide and a glass cutter to make a replacement hot mirror. I glued two pieces of slide togethger with glass glue then glued it into the hot mirror holder. Now that I see that it all worked and it can be removed easily I may buy a nice piece of glass.

Reverse the directions to put it together. My best advice is to put lots of 2-3 inch tape loops, sticky side up on white paper. Put each set of different screws on a tape strip and then write below it where they go. There are lots of screws, and some look similar but are slightly different, so pay attention.

With this set up even a #25 red filter on the lens makes for a reasonable IR image. You may want to do a custom white balnce for a sunny scene off a white piece of paper, so the images look BW not red.

My biggest mistake came when I pushed in the row of three buttons on the top whch control the AF, WB etc... don't push any buttons , in fact, don't put your hand on the top of the camera when trying to push up the top section, push from below instead, these buttons take a long time to find, and get put back in.


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